Vail Daily column: Tripping into a solution |

Vail Daily column: Tripping into a solution

Don Rogers
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Don Rogers
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For all the stumbling and bumbling, we’re on a prudent path with Syria.

Red lines solid as sand, clumsy ad libs, a quip that may turn into the solution for one crisis, anyway.

John Kerry has demonstrated why he shouldn’t be president. Same with John McCain.

The guy who is president, Barack Obama, hasn’t exactly distinguished himself, either. A cartoon in The Wall Street Journal put him in George Washington’s boat, only instead of the resolute father of the country staring ahead, there’s Obama wild-eyed, panic-stricken, hands in the air, looking backward.

But the boat’s going the right way. That’s something.

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The one who does look presidential, Vladimir Putin, down to his cogent essay to the American people in The New York Times, may save the day while exposing himself as a supreme liar and villain on the world stage.

After all, his country not only helped Syria build their chemical weapons stash, but until Kerry’s off-the-cuff remark Monday about the international community taking charge of the weapons to avoid a U.S. strike, he played along with Syria’s denials they even had such weapons.

I say he blinked.

I hope the dude’s hubris is such, and he watches Fox News enough, that he believes he got the best of the Americans right on through the handover. Good for him. What a diplomat. Hurray. Hurray.

The United States wasn’t going to strike anyway. Obama had just enough sense to take the idea to Congress. Most of Congress seems to have just enough sense to listen to the people for a change. And the American people have more sense than all these folks.

Syria is not Iran, North Korea, Russia or even Pakistan. The tragedy there is awful, like Rwanda, Darfur, the Congo, Somalia, Chechnya, Cambodia back when and on and on.

Vietnam was not the linchpin to communism taking over the world. We certainly learned that one the hard way. Syria is not the key to the jihadist domination, one way or the other. The threat to U.S. security is no different whether we strike or don’t strike.

Here, I find the Democrats dangerous. They don’t like that hard-edged view that America should get involved militarily only when our direct national interests are at stake. But they’ll go to war on humanitarian causes in the blink of an eye, put troops in danger on the belief that it’s America’s job to police the world.

The bleeding hearts would spill blood too easily on emotional whims, basically, as spun by the president in speeches to the public and to Congress.

I’m glad we’re in position to just say no. Not this time. Given the gift of insight, I wish we’d had that wisdom with Iraq.

There is good, specific reason to use our military might, but we’ve been reckless with our strength.

Fumbling and bumbling aside, this is the better course than rushing in, because we take exception to the means of killing now. The dead aren’t much concerned with how they were killed. “Conventional” is no less horrible.

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