Letter: 2A is about community

A vote for 2A is a vote for Vail’s community and future. We have discussed housing issues for years without creating long term solutions. Ballot Issue 2A is our opportunity to create homes for current and future neighbors. 2A keeps employees in local businesses and maintains a diverse and thriving local community.

The tax burden of 2A does not fall on locals. Groceries and food are not taxed. The majority of the .5% tax will be paid by tourists.

Locals will benefit from our visitors spending money in our hotels, restaurants and shops. We are in a housing crisis and need to make decisions that will start fixing the problem.

Keeping our employees in Vail is environmentally and economically sustainable. Decreasing the number of locals driving from Eagle to Vail to work is an easy way to decrease our environmental impact.

We have opportunities through Vail InDEED and Timber Ridge that can immediately be addressed if 2A passes. 2A will give our community the ability to act responsibly in finding solutions to the housing crisis.

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Vail’s original locals worked hard to create our incredible community. Let’s continue their hard work by making it possible for others to share in their amazing dream. Please consider a vote for 2A.

Jenn Bruno


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