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Letter: 2A is the only option

Issue 2A is the only option on the ballot.

Our housing crisis is a multifaceted problem. It’s not a singular answer of budget, building or restricting short-term rentals. The solution to this problem must be a combination curated to the specific needs of our town.

Of course, I am advocating we look seriously at our short-term rental problem. Yes, restricted permits or higher taxes on short-term rentals could be viable solutions. However, that is not on the ballot. The 2A initiative is. It may not be the cure-all, but it’s the first step (of many) in the right direction.

I have been part of this incredible community for 10 years. I’m an employee, employer and a renter here. I have mulled over this issue from all perspectives. 2A is a tiny cost to locals with a huge return for our community. As someone who spends more time in the village than at home, I can empathize with the complaint against lunch prices going up. However, when I watch the math play out, spending $20,000 (that’s a lot of pizza and beer) would only be $100 toward this tax. So as a service industry professional, I am not footing the bill. Also, I’m likely to see that $100 investment come directly back to me.

I also believe our valley is at a pivotal point of growth. We must choose wisely, so the infrastructure can support it. I believe our valley has been waiting for this shift from seasonal workers to a workforce with longevity and commitment to community. This housing initiative is the means to make that happen. We can literally put the workforce in homes. I desperately hope our community can come together to support 2A. We must meet this season of growth with solutions — with love and gratitude.

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Lindsea Stowe


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