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Letter: A picture is worth a thousand words

All one has to do is remember the image of hundreds of people on a runway, trying to cling to one of our transport planes, to understand the insanity of our president’s comments that the evacuation was an “extraordinary success.”

This does not even take into account the deaths of our 13 soldiers and the injury to many more in those last few chaotic days. If history is anything for us to rely on, I fear that the next weeks and months will be filled with images of murders, beatings and reprisals against the thousands we left behind.

The question becomes: Will anyone be held accountable? Will anyone take responsibility? Or will the blame game continue to shift to the prior administration and the prior president?

The hopes many of us had that somehow this administration would be different or could find a middle ground continue to be shattered along with the lives of so many we left behind in this “success story.”

Dan Brajtbord

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