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Letter: A sad state of affairs for Lost Buck Trail

I am writing because I am totally baffled and perplexed.

We have been hiking Lost Buck Trail in Beaver Creek for years and years.

Earlier this year, a sign went up: “Keep Out, Private Property.”

I thought it was strange. Then earlier this month, I sent a note and pictures to the Beaver Creek Resort Co. asking them to explain why logs were now placed over the trail.

This is the response I got: “The trail was re-routed and signed. We put the logs out to close the old section, but someone keeps removing them. Also, the homeowner has been stringing yellow twine between the trees. We cut the twine because it was not visible and we were worried someone was going to get hurt.

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We did reroute Lost Buck at the beginning of the summer because a portion of the trail was on the new homeowner’s property, and, apparently, they were not OK with the historical alignment.“

I was astonished at this response. The trail has been used for decades, and then a new owner comes along and says, “Sorry, I don’t want that there.” I asked the Beaver Creek Resort Co. if anyone there had ever heard of eminent domain. The response I got back: “That is for Vail Resorts to decide.”

I don’t know who has the decision-making power in this particular case, but I do know one thing: I find it particularly obnoxious that someone would buy a property knowing there was a trail on it, and then demand to have that trail taken out.

People like this, I don’t care how rich or whose pockets they are lining, they don’t belong in a community like Beaver Creek.

I do hope Vail Resorts and Beaver Creek Resort Co. looks into this issue and really stops and thinks about having the public’s interest at stake, and not some entitled new homeowner.

Gary Rodrigue

Beaver Creek

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