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Letter: A tale of two incumbents

Incumbents Brian Stockmar and Travis Coggin are running for re-election. Each have a track record. Coggin’s record includes voting against the advice of multiple, hired wildlife experts in order to advance a development that has the highest likelihood of causing the demise of local wildlife. Coggins voted to accept an inaccurate and insufficient traffic report involving a major interstate exit with implications for pedestrians and emergency vehicle access.

Stockmar’s voting record differs. Stockmar lives in East Vail where wildlife concerns are visualized. If you haven’t watched a bighorn ewe coach her lamb on rock climbing in your neighborhood, then it’s easier to vote for their extinction. If you haven’t experienced the chaos of constant I-70 closures effecting public safety within East Vail all winter, then it’s easier to vote for the most superficial traffic report that a developer can get away with. Please support thoughtful governance for the whole community. Vote for Brian Stockmar

Donna Mumma

East Vail

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