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Letter: A very bigoted column

I thought very hard about just ignoring David O. Williams column where he “respectfully” asks us to vote for the candidates of his choice in the Eagle County School District Board of Education election. I beg to differ with him, his urging was less than respectful.

Williams appears to need reminders of some of the events of the past couple of years that he squarely blames on conservatives in this country. Firstly, the politicization of COVID began in January 2020 when then-candidate Biden referred to Trump’s xenophobia in response to the the president for disallowing flights from China to enter our country. When the vaccines were announced for distribution during Trump’s Presidency, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris stated “any effort pushed by President Trump was untrustworthy.”

This columnist then goes on to outrageously align the opponent board candidates with “extremist” right-wing organizations including the Capitol insurrectionists. I’m quite certain that just because you hold opposing views to conservatives, you wouldn’t care to be accused of being part of all those protests in the summer of 2020 that caused billions of dollars of property damage and put many self-employed store owners out of business. The Democratic Party was so very quiet about these riots.

Where is the footnote to support your idea of the Republican Party’s “threat of violence against public servants, teachers, health care workers, and police and others…”. That is a most ridiculous statement from you. I’m very concerned the editor printed much of this column. I am so very disappointed that a member of our community would write such vile things about our fellow citizens of Eagle County who are willing to serve the educational needs of our children. It’s very surprising that this column was even published.

I thank all the candidates for their willingness to put in their time to serve ton the Eagle County School District Board of Education. Hopefully, the best thing that will result from this election will be that the public will continue to attend these board meetings and that their voices will be heard and their concerns will be considered.

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Joyce Chizmadia


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