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Letter: Ballot Issue 2A is a winner

Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup, said: “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” Winning the affordable housing challenge is essential to Vail’s workforce and continued economic success.

The Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Committee conducted a lodging survey this summer and asked the hospitality sector to rank the three most important issues that face the town of Vail. The two most important issues were workforce housing and workforce shortage/availability.

Out of seven issues, workforce housing and workforce availability far outweighed all other issues each representing 31% of the total. One can easily conclude the lack of affordable housing is affecting our workforce. According to the Vail Valley Partnership annual workforce survey, both employers and employees believe that the availability of workforce housing is a critical or major problem in Eagle County.

Vail’s Ballot Issue 2A would authorize a half-cent increase to the town’s existing sales tax rate, equating to consumers paying 50 cents on a $100 purchase excluding groceries and food. The funds would be used to support housing initiatives, housing developments and housing programs.

Over the past several years, successful projects and programs like Chamonix, Vail Residences at Main Vail and Lions Ridge have provided housing opportunities for Vail residents. And the development of Town Shops and the redevelopment of Timber Ridge are already in the works. Additional programs like award-winning Vail InDEED, where homeowners and real estate buyers/sellers deed restrict their property are already established and just need additional funding support.

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Why vote yes on Ballot Issue 2A?

  • It provides funding to support a wide range of housing solutions
  • It’s estimated 67 employees annually can purchase affordable homes through Vail’s InDEED program
  • It stabilizes workforce across all industry sectors
  • It increases workforce retention
  • It enhances workforce recruitment
  • It improves service levels
  • It sustains a quality of life for everyone

Workforce affordable housing is a major issue in Vail, and this initiative will provide meaningful and dedicated funding to address the town’s housing efforts. Let’s win in the marketplace and win in the workplace by addressing our housing challenges and voting yes on Ballot Issue 2A.

Mark Herron

Chairman of the Board, Vail Valley Partnership

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