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Letter: Bergquist stands for our children

In all the noise and shouting and anger we find ourselves living in, there is one thing we can all agree on: Evil hates truth. Whether you are a believer of the one true God or not, the fact remains that darkness despises the light. This was emphasized again in the scathing words recently written by David O. Williams. With an election right around the corner, the question remains: What do we really want in a school board candidate?

Most of the answer is in the title of the position: school board member. We need a person who wants the best for the kids who make up the schools. We seek a type of hero for the voiceless children. We are desperate for fairness, kindness, wisdom, integrity, intelligence, and help for our children. We want truth.

Heather Bergquist is that person. She is a fighter for our children. She seeks their best interest. She is full of integrity, wisdom, kindness, and fairness. Because she is a hero for the children, she is attacked by the lies and anger of others. Our children have been through so much. They deserve a voice. They deserve our best. Heather Bergquist stands for our children.

Wendy Armstrong


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