Letter: Don’t let kids play on the roof

Look at those adorable preschoolers playing on the roof — said nobody ever.

I am writing today as a concerned citizen and parent in response to the possibility of the Children’s Garden of Learning moving to a third floor space above the Vail Gymnastics Center in order to make room for the Booth Heights housing project. This idea by the Vail Town Council and Town Manager Scott Robson is, simply put, a bad one.

The countless safety concerns are just the tip of the iceberg on what makes this location an unsuitable one in which to house a preschool. The logistical concerns are numerous. It is also unlikely to pass licensing requirements. Why are we wasting our time and resources? 

The CGL community understands that we sit on valuable land and that this land will potentially be used in the future for housing. This is a bitter pill that would be a lot easier to swallow with a comparable alternative that will offer our children a safe environment to grow and learn in. 

Childcare is essential to our community and should be considered along with the general infrastructure of our town as we prepare for growth. The plan for CGL as proposed is not acceptable. We can do better.

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Carly Tanis


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