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Letter: ‘Everesting’ is good for the heart

Climbing Mount Everest is no simple task, nor is “Everesting,” where athletes climb the equivalent of Mount Everest’s height, 29,029 feet on their bikes.

Even more impressive about the recent effort from two of our local stars, Josiah Middaugh of Middaugh Coaching and Mike Brumbaugh of Venture Sports, was that they decided to make their Everesting event a fundraiser.

The Vail Valley Foundation Community Fund, which supports those in our community hit hardest by COVID-19, and Starting Hearts, are the recipients of this extraordinary fundraiser, which raised more than $8,000. We are extremely grateful to Josiah and Mike for their efforts, and in great admiration of their athletic accomplishments.

Thank you to both for your strong hearts!

Vail Valley Foundation and Starting Hearts

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