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Letter: Filibustering at its best at Vail’s PEC

I want to share my disappointment regarding the PEC meeting held Monday afternoon in the Vail council room. The meeting was held because of the proposed development of employee housing in a very critical area that is bighorn sheep winter grazing range. This is a very hot topic in a town that relies on providing adequate housing for its employees.

I totally understand the need. Unfortunately, this is the wrong spot and there are many reasons too numerous to mention why this Booth Heights development shouldn’t be built. 

I am utterly dismayed on how this meeting was handled. Triumph, the developer, had the floor for almost three hours. The developer completely took total control of the meeting, trying to filibuster and wear out the people in attendance. This meeting was highly insulting to the educated audience. Triumph knows that it will be long gone by the time the Booth Heights development is finished. The developers will not be around to mitigate the damage that this development will create.

The PEC should’ve given Triumph, the developer, a certain time limit in which to present its case. We were only given three whole minutes with which to make our case against the development. Triumph filibustered the meeting so that there was no reasonable time to receive all the comments from the people in attendance.  The developer talked on and on repeating the same thing over and over again. This was blatantly intentional so that the meeting would be so long and drawn out that many people who wanted to voice their opinion or give their input had to leave before the meeting was over.  

The PEC basically allowed the developer to filibuster the meeting. The PEC should be embarrassed about mismanaging this meeting. This was totally absurd and irresponsible for a public meeting to drag on this long. This was definitely railroaded by Triumph. I am disappointed, that along with many others, we weren’t able to provide important comments regarding this proposed development.

Ingrid Seade


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