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Letter: Heather for the children, and for civility

I challenge voters for the Eagle County School District Board of Education election to closely examine my campaign platform. Comb my website, watch my posted videos, and evaluate my statements. Consider the body of my life’s work as a wife, mother, educator, boss, coworker, neighbor, and friend. Next, I invite voters to scrutinize and contrast David O. Williams’ recent column.

You may conclude that my campaign platform resonates with you, as it prioritizes: children first, excellence in education, and parental engagement. Conversely, you may disagree with my priorities and approach, but you will see nothing in my life or in my campaign that demonstrates that I am racist, fanatical, biased, bigoted, dangerous, or present a risk of violence, as directly charged or indirectly insinuated by Williams. The beauty of an election is that with your vote, it is your prerogative to accept or reject my ideas.

While the sting of unfounded personal character attacks is unpleasant, my greater concern is that of civil discourse and our sustained relationship as humans. We must commit to peacefully and respectfully coexisting, despite differing values, choices, families, colors, and priorities in life. Sameness is rarely beautiful. Diversity is beautiful. And, while not always popular or welcome, diversity of thought is beautiful because it refines each of us. It makes us critically think, evaluate, and consider.

While I vehemently disagree with the ideas and assessments made by Williams, I extend the hand of civility to him, and welcome debate. I commit to debate ideas, but always, to respect people. I challenge Eagle County to do the same. If we do, our community will be better for it. Win, lose, or draw on Nov. 2, I commit to continue to relentlessly advocate for the children of Eagle County.

Heather Bergquist

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