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Letter: Honoring a true trail blazer

In the preface of Pete Seibert’s book, “Vail, Triumph of a Dream,” there is a quote from T. E. Lawrence: 

“Those who dream by night
in the dusty recesses of their minds
wake in the morning
to find that all was vanity;
but the dreamers of the day
are dangerous… for they
may act on their dream…
and make it possible.”

Glenn Porzak, The 2019 Vail Trail Blazer Award winner, is epitomized in that quote. Glenn is a visionary whose fingerprints have been and are on every Vail mountain man-made snowflake, Gore Creek ripple, and droplet of water from your faucet. Please join us in celebrating Glenn’s accomplishments by attending the State of the Town of Vail celebration Tuesday evening, March 12, 5 p.m. at the Donovan Pavilion.

Rick Sackbauer


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