Letter: Is Boebert our future?

She heckled the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, during his State of the Union speech when he talked about his son getting brain cancer in Iraq from a burn pile. And then, after the mass shooting in Uvalde, she said the U.S. didn’t ban planes after 9/11, why would the U.S. ban guns after a mass shooting? Imagine a parent of one of those dead children hearing that.

When Rep. Lauren Boebert got elected, the majority of voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District made their desires known, and legitimately so. She was overwhelming elected because she screamed the loudest that nobody can take away her guns.

There was no coup. The people spoke at the ballot box. And that is my concern. It is hard to digest that the majority of voters in the 3rd District really want to venture into more dangerous uncharted territory by continuing to support a far-right candidate like Boebert.

I’m not interested in bashing Lauren Boebert or delving into her personal life or examining her character. Her actions to date as a congresswoman is evidence enough that she is not qualified to sit in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Michael I. Mossman

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