Letter: It’s not NIMBYism to question Vail Resorts’ integrity

In his April 29 letter, Ray Dixon says “Elections have consequences.” I agree. Of course, they do. That’s how a democracy works.

Just like the past Town Council elections had consequences — where a slim majority vote approved a rezoning of Vail Resorts’ Booth Heights site — a rezoning, surprisingly, that had no development plan in place at the time.

And, consequences like an elected council that appointed PEC members who also narrowly approved the Vail Heights development plan. Hundreds of community members questioned the lack of recusal by a PEC member who worked for Vail Resorts and who just turned out to be the deciding vote in favor. Yes, that’s a consequence.

Dixon’s claim of NIMBYism to the opponents to Booth Heights is the same old hollow and simple attack on anyone who sincerely questions important issues and processes in Vail. He also claims we have “declared war” on Vail Resorts and the company is the “sole reason we are blessed” (apparently this blessing applies to everyone else in Vail, too). So, I guess the entire community should always agree with the “economic engine that powers the town.” I’ve lived here long enough to have seen four different ownerships of Vail Associates/Vail Resorts, and that’s never happened — nor should it.

The real reason we are where we are with Booth Heights today is the lack of integrity and sincere willingness on Vail Resorts’ part to find an “alternative” site to Booth Heights. That alternative site was found: It’s now under construction and called “The Residences at Main Vail.”

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Vail Resorts has completely walked away from a good faith town effort and now, callously, calls for development of Booth Heights while continually ignoring doing anything on their land at Ever Vail. Guess that keeps the economic engine chugging along.

Tom Vucich


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