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Letter: Leadership, ethics, and social responsibility

Leadership, ethics, and social responsibility are critical to the three pillars of sustainability: economics, social, environmental. The Colorado Mountain College course titled “Leadership, Ethics, & Social Responsibility” applied to the field of sustainability is an education bargain, economically. Socially, I became connected during class discussions in a moment of time to others with similar interest in the field of sustainability. Each person with a different life story is likely a group of people that I would not have interacted with otherwise.

I along with 10 other students actively learned through discussions. Dr. Jen Barchers, the instructor for this course, was great at introducing a controversial topic, then encouraging students to share their viewpoints at the risk of contention among viewpoints. As result, a greater understanding and respect for each other came from this creative tension. She was also masterful at using technology to create a mixed classroom environment with some people in the classroom and some online with video.

She intermixed the use of white-board and online content. Assignments included a few essays about ethical decision making in health care, programming artificial intelligence, and chaos leadership. Assignments that resulted in personal reflection and growth included performing a DISC profile assessment, creating and presenting a personal vision board, and choosing a book on leadership of personal interest, then presenting the book and reflections during class. Each of these assignments were the vehicles to learning more and for interactive discussions that she led so well during class.

Each of has a role in our communities to contribute to attitudes, behavior, actions, and decisions for the community of generations yet to be born. May the generations to come look back on our current generations as having made a favorable impact on the sustainability of the world that they inherit.

John Thorse

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