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Letter: Listen to the science

We’re headed back to Tennessee after another spectacular summer in the Vail Valley. Some may say good riddance after disagreeing with a letter I wrote quoting Jay Wissot regarding folks who may be too stupid to know how stupid they are.

Like Wissot, I may have deserved the ire of a writer who, likewise, criticized me. I was commenting on the ignorance of those who choose their personal freedom over science and public health. Folks are free to vote for their candidate of choice — but not to refuse mask mandates when public health officials deem them necessary to keep the populace safe. Freedom does not give citizens the right to place personal choices over public health mandates during a pandemic. Of course, you have the freedom to keep your child out of school during the finite period the mandates are in place.

Does it really require the death or serious illness and hospitalization of a loved one to be convinced of the seriousness of this pandemic, and to be made painfully aware of the need to consider those around us? At times like these, are we not all family and needful to adhering to safe, sound principles, based upon science. Is it not the moral, the righteous thing to do? Though now retired, I have countless medical colleagues who have had to say to family members they did all they could to save their mother, father, daughter, son. Listen to the medical experts. They are the elites that Wissot refers to.

A column by lieutenant commander, U.S. Navy chaplain and rabbi Joel E. Newman, — “Its not just a headline, it’s a tragedy” — speaks about the indescribable anguish of having to tell a mother, wife, husband or child they have lost a loved one.

Kabul is a tragedy! COVID-19 is a tragedy! Different, but with horrific similar ends. We are all family in these terrible losses. We all share in these heartbreaks. Paraphrasing Wissot: Disseminating misinformation is, perhaps, a greater threat to our well-being than Islamic terrorism. God bless America — and please get vaccinated.

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Dr. Eugene Sacks, lieutenant, U.S. Navy, retired


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