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Letter: Middleton, Hansen, Staufer, Stockmar for Vail council

“Do good for the environment and do right by acting with integrity” is Vail Resorts code of ethics and business conduct. “Grow a vibrant, diverse economy and community and preserve our surrounding natural environment, providing our citizens and guest with exceptional service and an abundance of recreational, cultural and educational opportunities” is the town of Vail mission statement.

Who will best help to ensure that these values remain a priority and help to protect our town from irrevocable decisions? Vail needs forward thinking and thoughtful leadership to take our community, our children and our town responsibly into the future. For the good of the environment, smart economic growth, sensible options to provide housing and childcare, transparency in government dealings and ultimately the preservation of these Ideals please vote: Kathryn Middleton, Kirk Hansen, Jonathan Staufer, Brian Stockmar.

Sincerely, and with deep concern for the future of our town.

Cindy Ryerson


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