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Letter: More dialogue, less name-calling

Concerning renaming Gore Range, a recent letter to the editor called everyone peacefully working to find perhaps a more admirable name for those mountains, Cancel Culture Warriors and a cancer on society.  Now in my 70s, I find this characterization of those working for a change as a cancer very laughable. I grew up when “Real Men” smoked. My father’s generation described crossing the ocean on transport ships during the war to meet whatever fate confronted them saying they longed for the ship’s announcement, “The smoking lamp is now lite.”  

Very respected men smoked and, as widely advertised by a cigarette company, “8 out of 10 doctors prefer Camels.” Smoking was the American culture and had been for centuries. Now, however, being able to fly in an airplane free of cigarette smoke or have a restaurant meal clearly tasting my food is one of the most significant cultural changes during my lifetime. 

Only recently have I recognized this change in terms of a great Cancelled Culture event.  It was one of the most strongly ingrained aspects of American culture, one fought over for many years by those who did not want change. So now I ask anyone who is worried about Cancel Culture Warriors, “When was the last time you campaigned to bring back the All American culture of widespread smoking and associated lung cancer deaths?”  Maybe we need more dialogue rather than name-calling.

Mark Perin


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