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Letter: More reforms needed

I wrote a recent letter to the editor about the need for a presidential line item veto. It was prompted by the disgraceful bill enacted in connection with the COVID-19 relief bill that gave away money to various ill-advised schemes like gender studies in Pakistan and The Kennedy Center.

I also expressed these thoughts on Facebook and by email. I got a lot of cheers, along with some more good ideas, like the following:

Balanced budget amendment: This has been kicking around a long time. Every state but Vermont has a law about this. We keep putting things on the federal credit card. When will it get paid off?

Term limits: I see calls for this from time to time. For Congress. One consideration is that there is no term limit law covering staff; so new representatives and senators have to rely on their experienced staff for guidance on how things work in DC. Aren’t the staff people also subject to corruption?

Only one subject per law: I believe some states have this. The way things work now, representatives are tempted to vote for a law with many features, because there are good parts and bad parts.

Back to the COVID relief bill. I think there should be a means test. I don’t need $600 or $2,000. I would rather see even more money go to citizens who are down and out through no fault of their own. And stop making it so difficult for small businesses to stay alive.

Terry Quinn


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