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Letter: Name-calling means you lost the argument

One of the surest signs that you are winning an argument is when your opponent resorts to calling you names. In her recent letter to the editor, Mary Blair asserts that there is no financial crisis in Eagle-Vail. As far as the property owners association goes, she is correct. The present board rightly saw that the property owners association was paying far more than was necessary for management services and, in accordance with their fiduciary duty, replaced their existing management.

Unfortunately, Eagle-Vail has a Metro District that is carrying a structural deficit of $500,000 per year (conservative estimate). No meaningful effort has been made to address this through reducing administrative costs that many think could be sharply reduced. As an example, their district manager’s base salary is higher than that of Colorado’s governor. No effort has gone into increasing revenues from those assets currently managed by the district manager staff.

That the current human resources committee has rubber-stamped the current salary structure is no recommendation to continue down the same road. That staff’s responsibilities have been halved. Mr. Lance Richards is part of this group.

As a consequence, an increase in the district operating mil levy has been frequently discussed in Eagle-Vail finance committee meetings. Mrs. Blair is apparently unaware of all this or simply dismisses it. So in accordance with the principle that I referenced above, I must thank Mrs. Blair for acknowledging that they are correct by calling her opponents malcontents.

Please reelect to the property owners association board Steve Daniels, Jake Jacobson and Judd Watts. Reward results.

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Tom Chastain


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