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Letter: Pay attention to school board elections this year

I read the column on the school board election by David O. Williams. Wow! This opinion, which was given extra space as a column, was filled with hateful insinuations, dirty politics and name calling while posturing to be written in support of five school board candidates. I would be embarrassed by this kind of support!

Rather than tout the qualifications and merits of his favored candidates, mentioned only briefly in the second paragraph, Williams spent 20 paragraphs accusing the other candidates of nearly every modern crime and evil intent! Ironically, one of his paragraphs called for “moderating forces … to reject the rhetoric, turn down the temperature and return sanity to an increasingly insane political process.“ Apparently tolerance and civility did not apply in his column.

So I ask Vail Daily readers, why do you suppose so many candidates are now interested in serving on the Eagle County School District Board of Education? I do not believe there is any evil agenda as Williams opined. More than likely it’s because they care about their children, don’t feel well represented and are not happy with the status quo! When classes were held at home last year due to COVID-19, many parents saw curriculum and assignments in more detail and did not like some of what they saw.

Why is emphasis and time spent in some areas, but not in others? Why so many breaks and half-days? Why are there many children who can’t read by the third grade, or do basic math by the eighth grade? Yes, we have a diverse population of children who may enter classes at different skill levels, but kids learn quickly when engaged with high quality teachers who are allowed to teach! Get back to basics!

This does mean reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as science, art and physical education! This is not a religious or political “code,“ it is the framework for a good education. I am concerned that some local schools, not all, have become too soft on actual education. Children need the basic skills of reasoning, love of learning, and how to apply math, art and science to everyday life. Please do your research and vote for candidates that will prioritize the basic skills of education over personal agendas. Thank you.

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Rebecca Horst


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