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Letter: Precedent and the Supreme Court

I am one of those dreaded snowbirds, living in Eagle County for five months in the summer season and then (being the cold weather wimp I am), my husband and I head for warm sea-level winters. I am also a retired attorney from California and look forward to reading Rohn Robbins’ legal commentary every Wednesday. When he talks about his experiences in court and with clients, it brings a smile to my face, sometimes momentarily making me miss my old work. But then I know the mountains are calling for me to hike and see the incredible beauty, allowing me to forget about the stressful life I had as an attorney.

Today, I felt compelled to write this letter and thank Rohn after reading his explanation of Roe v. Wade and precedent. As an attorney, I have argued precedent at the trial court hundreds of times, but his discussion of vertical and horizontal precedent was so simply written and provided a great explanation of this incredibly important issue. So many of my nonlawyer friends have asked me what I think the U.S. Supreme Court will decide when the Texas case is considered by that court. I wish I could say that the justices will stay with their long adherence to precedent, but as Rohn says, the conservative court may try to find a way to carve out a distinction. I just hope they remain true to their oath when they were sworn in as the highest justices in our land and do not mix politics and religion into their analysis.

Michelle Neumann-Ribner


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