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Letter: Protecting wilderness shouldn’t be partisan

Senator Michael Bennet and U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse deserve a great deal of praise for introducing the CORE Act. After years of planning, meeting, and open and extensive discussions with every stakeholder group, this expansion of our wilderness system — the first in central Colorado in 30 years — will protect some of the iconic lands so essential to Colorado’s economy and honor the brave men of the 10th Mountain Division, who risked their lives for our liberty, and who came back to launch the modern mountain sports industry.

Beyond that, imagine it: 400,000 acres for nature to continue her necessary march into the future without our interference; 400,000 acres to inspire imagination and freedom and human play; 400,000 acres for our children to know something of the Colorado that inspired the men of the 10th to their heroic deeds.

Please give Bennett and Neguse a call and thank them for their contribution ensuring Colorado’s future is as great as its past. And then call and urge Senator Cory Gardner to join them: Wilderness is not partisan, it is part of who we are as Coloradans.

Jonathan Staufer


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