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Letter: Save the boat building in Avon

The boat building at the main roundabout has been a landmark building for the 20-plus years I’ve lived in the valley and I want to petition the Avon Town Council to start saving the billion dollars it’s going to take someday to save it. We could start negotiating with the owner now to make it a historical building and to donate it to the town of Avon for upkeep in the mean time.

Sound ridiculous? I attended a council meeting on the Hahnewald barn issue and it was stated (not sure which council member it was) that it would not be voted on by the residents of Avon because they wouldn’t approve it. OK, so who do the members of the Avon Town Council and the executive board of the town work for? Why would you approve something that you know the citizens who have elected you won’t approve?

I applaud all the members of the Town Council and the governing board of the town of Avon. You’re in the hot seat. However, I don’t believe you’re listening to the people of the town or of the community. It’s almost as if you’re trying to do the opposite to “flex” your strengths. We can do so much better for our community with these nearly $7 million dollars than repurposing a barn that will only hold 183 people for an event.

We have an opportunity to build a convention center to hold a 1,000 and draw some big events to our community. Or something even better. We could create a world-class recreation center, maybe something that hasn’t even been invented yet with this money.

Look, if the barn could hold more people, if we already had bathrooms on the west side of Nottingham Park, if we had a world-class recreation center, if we had more affordable housing, if we had the best bus system in the country, if we already had so many other things this money could be used for and found $7 million lying around, well, I could probably get behind this. But we don’t. We could make the town of Avon amazing without a barn. Last question for each member of the Town Council: If you hit the lottery, would you use that money (your own) to move the barn?

There’s still time to revisit this. Please take some time and stand in front of City Market and just ask the people of Avon: Yes or no? Tally the number and you’ll know where the people who elected you stand and where you should, too.

Joe Shankland


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