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Letter: SpeakUp ReachOut support for 6A

The SpeakUp ReachOut Board of Directors endorses Ballot Issue 6A along with Vail Health, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, Vail Valley Partnership and the Vail Daily editorial board. We believe this ballot measure, which will create an All Access Rec program for those who live in the Mountain Recreation district, has the power to strengthen the lives of our community members and is a huge investment in the overall well-being of our community.

According to Mental Health America, in 2020, 19.68% of adults in Colorado are experiencing a mental illness. This initiative will allow Mountain Rec to transform its current facilities into multi-generational and multi-cultural community centers and social hubs. These year-round community spaces will allow additional access to community connection through social activities and behavioral health programs through collaboration with established providers.

SpeakUp ReachOut knows that physical health and mental health go hand-in-hand; we also know locals are feeling isolated, lonely and seeking community connections. Voting yes for 6A is a major step forward toward helping our community overcome some of these difficulties so many of us face in our day-to-day lives. SpeakUp ReachOut believes we must invest in the future of mental health now. Please vote yes for Ballot Issue 6A.

Greg Daly, Corey Lamohe, Kevin Roop, Gerry Lopez, Jenny Bloess, Ada Borg and Cass Armas

SpeakUp ReachOut Board of Directors

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