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Letter: Staufer for Vail Town Council

Elect Jonathan Staufer to the Vail Town Council. Staufer, born and raised in Vail, has a unique perspective of the Vail founders’ dream for this valley. He is committed to preserving that vision through service to the Vail community.

Staufer has over 20 years of experience as a businessman with active community involvement. A co-founder of the Vail Farmers’ Market, Staufer’s efforts have made a significant impact on Vail’s growth as a year-round destination. His involvement in environmental efforts such as Trees for Vail, Colorado Wild and the Gore Valley Citizens Alliance reflect his commitment to preserving this beautiful valley for several generations to come.

As former residents and business owners in Vail, we stay informed of the issues and challenges faced by the Vail community. We enthusiastically endorse Staufer to be Vail’s next Town Council member. Vail needs leadership committed to keeping the Vail dream alive. Electing Staufer to the Vail Town Council is a great investment in the future of Vail.

Deacon Winters

Laura Gentry Winters

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