Vail Daily column: Just another tax |

Vail Daily column: Just another tax

Regarding your article on seat belt enforcement by Vail Police: When the law was passed, the powers that be had the audacity to tell us it would not be used to pull people over and that was such a lie. I was over at the used furniture store in Avon one day. The owner mentioned that a half dozen people were pulled over in her parking lot for not wearing seat belts in one day.

It’s just another ticky-tack reason to pull you over. Especially in the situation when you are hitting several stores near each other and you don’t bother to buckle up to drive 100 yards. Give me a break.

Seat belt laws are Big Brother by nature. The concept that we need government protecting us from ourselves is the antithesis of freedom. If you choose not to wear it and are fined, you pay the seat belt tax. Just one tax on top of the dozens paid already. Every time you pay any kind of license or permit, think tax collection as in fishing license tax, hunting license tax, driver’s license tax, license plate tax, camping tax, national park tax, state park tax, boat registration tax, speeding tax, property tax, sales tax, income tax, lodging tax, cigarette tax and liquor tax.

I remember back when people used to tell me that reefer should legal and taxed. My reaction is, why? So government can get even bigger and more bloated than it already is?

Dave Kraft

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