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Letter: Vote no on ballot issues 1A, 6A

Please vote no Ballot Issue 1A, and Ballot Issue 6A on this year’s ballot.

The language of Ballot Issue 1A is misleading, either by intent or as a result of poor writing skills. Considering how most ballot language is so consistently deceptive, I tend to think it has to be by design. No mention of 1A is included in the Blue Book! Why is this? Why is no one asking about this?

There was a time when the objection to career politicians enjoyed bi-partisan agreement. For many it still does! Rather than extend term limits for political offices that do have them, we should all support imposing strict term limits on all public offices at all levels of government. We would do well to impose term limits on all public offices and curtail their wages and benefits to help compel them to seek livelihoods in the private sector like the rest of us. Government is supposed to work for us, not the other way around, and certainly not against us.

Eagle County commissioners are limited to serving two four-year terms. Keep it that way!

Incidentally, Eagle County commissioners tried to extend term limits in 2010. They failed. Some people have short memories … remind them.

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Vote No on 1A again.

As for Ballot Issue 6A, It’s just another tax hike, at a time when most people are hurting. This past year and a half of the Coronapocalypse has been financially devastating for many, but that doesn’t stop the tax and spend gangs!

No matter what they claim it will cost a family per year, the costs will not stay there, they never do. This new tax would be included as part of everyone’s property taxes, which varies by home value, not per family; all such taxes are progressive plunder. Just say no.

Even if you’re a renter with a lease, property owners are eventually going to pass the tax increases on to you. That’s just math. Landlords have no magic money tree; they have to get the money from someplace to pay their property taxes. That place is you. If you vote for tax increases like 6A, you have no right to complain about housing prices going up.

Buddy Shipley


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