Best Halloween Candy in Colorado: Here are the best and worst treats by state |

Colorado’s favorite Halloween Candy: Here are the best and worst treats by state's 2019 data on the best candy by state reflects 12 years of selling candy in bulk nationwide.
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If you want to be Trick O’ Treaters’ favorite house this Halloween, buy Twix bars.

According to’s highly academic studies, Colorado’s favorite Halloween candy is Twix, followed by Hershey Kisses and Milky Way. is an online bulk candy retailer, and after compiling 12 years of data, they mapped out the best candies by state. If you’re not from the Centennial State, check out the map to see what’s popular where you grew up.

Some surprising favorites this year came in Washington and Wyoming, which both said salt water taffy. The popular winner was Skittles, claiming titles in California, Florida, South Carolina, Minnesota, Arkansas, Delaware and Hawaii. Candy corn came second, with five states claiming them as the favorite: Nevada, New Mexico Idaho, Iowa and North Dakota. Starburst and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups tied with four wins each. also released the 10 worst candies in the country, with the top spot going to the ever-polarizing candy corn. As many states love them, they have an equal number of haters. Other least favorites include Good ‘N’ Plenty, Circus Peanuts and Necco Wafers. They also said that Tootsie Rolls are an easy pick for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money handing out candy to kids, but kids usually don’t like them much. No one wants to be the lame house – but none are lamer than the ones that hand out raisins.

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