Meet Your Chef: Pascal Coudouy at Grand Hyatt Vail |

Meet Your Chef: Pascal Coudouy at Grand Hyatt Vail

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Coudouy grew up in France and knew early on that he wanted to be in the kitchen.
Grand Hyatt Vail/Courtesy photo

Editor’s Note: The Vail Daily is showcasing area chefs in a new series called “Meet Your Chef” so you can learn a bit more about those creating art in the kitchen. If you’re a local chef and would like to be a part of this series, please email Tricia Swenson ( and Sean Naylor (

Q: What is your name, where do you cook and what is your official title?

A: Pascal Coudouy, and I am the executive chef at Grand Hyatt Vail.

Q: How long have you lived in the valley and what brought you here?

A: I have lived in the valley for 22 Years. I came here in 2000 with my family to be the executive chef at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek.

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Dine on trout at the Gessner at Grand Hyatt Vail.
Grand Hyatt Vail/Courtesy photo

Q: When did you first realize that you wanted to become a chef?

A: In France, my family owned a very well-known butcher shop. I would go with my father to deliver products to local restaurants. When we did deliveries, I was able to see the back of the house and kitchens and thought ‘wow, this looks like fun and something I would like’… and now here we are!

Q: Who has inspired you throughout your culinary journey?

A: A couple of chefs in France who worked in famous places like Chez Maxim and La Tour d’Argent inspired me.

Coudouy has been in the Valley for 22 years and is no stranger to the kitchen.
Grand Hyatt Vail/Courtesy photo

Q: What’s your favorite spice?

A: Le piment d’espelette – a spice from the south of France.

Q: Favorite protein?

A: Hard to say, they are all good. But I’ll say duck, because you cannot go wrong with a good duck confit.

Q: Favorite fruits and veggies?

A: I love anything seasonal.

Q: Name your carb: pasta, potatoes, rice, polenta, etc.?

A: Pasta carbonara, roesti potato, truffle risotto

Gessner restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Vail serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Grand Hyatt Vail/Courtesy photo

Q: What’s your favorite comfort food?

A: Roasted chicken and mashed potatoes

Q: Is there anything else about you we should share?

A: I am very happy to be back in the kitchen and hope to make Grand Hyatt Vail a place for locals as well as tourists to enjoy.

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