Author Auden Schendler to talk about climate change in Edwards |

Author Auden Schendler to talk about climate change in Edwards

Special to the Daily/Chris Lane

EDWARDS ” Auden Schendler helped turn the Aspen Skiing Co. “green,” now he’s trying to inspire the rest of the country.

Schendler, the Skico’s executive director of sustainability, wrote a book released in February that tries to show why climate change is such a dire problem and what can be done to ease it.

“Ease” is the key word. Schendler doesn’t sugarcoat his assessment of the problem in public speeches and he is equally blunt in the book. Even if tremendous strides are made to curb human contributions to global warming, the planet will still have a price to pay.

“We’re going to suffer severe consequences,” Schendler said.

“Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution” was released in February. Schendler will discuss the book at a Vail Symposium Hot Topic event at Vail Christian High School in Edwards on Monday. Copies of the book, which Schendler will sign, will be for sale courtesy of The Bookworm of Edwards.

“Auden inspires us to be a part of the ‘green’ revolution,” said Carrie Marsh, executive director of the Vail Symposium. “He gives us real and tangible strategies to become a part of the solution towards a sustainable world. The Bookworm, Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability and the Vail Symposium felt it important to bring Auden to the valley because he has worked from the ground up, as a protege of Amory Lovins, to become one of the first and foremost voices of ‘green’ progress in Colorado and beyond.”

In the book, Schendler likens the problem the world faces dealing with climate change to stepping into the boxing ring with Muhammed Ali when he was in his prime.

“The obvious response is: ‘No thanks.’ But with climate change, you have no choice ” someone has a gun to your head and you’ve got to fight. So what do you do?” the book asks.

“One option would be to cower in the ring and let Ali pound you until you die of organ failure. But another approach might be to go for it: Bob and weave, dance and waggle, keep your right up, duck and feint ” give it your best shot, maybe even have fun,” Schendler wrote.

Putting up a fight at least allows for the possibility of landing a lucky shot. Schendler said that is what it will take now to avoid disastrous outcomes from climate change. But he will relish the fight, regardless of odds.

“The book is about two things ” first, what matters and what doesn’t” in the fight against climate change, Schendler said. “Second, what do you do to implement solutions.”

He draws heavily on his successes and ” even more heavily ” on his failures in instituting environmental initiatives at the Skico in Aspen.

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Who: Auden Schendler talks about “Getting Green Done”

When: 5:30 to 6 p.m. check-in and cocktails; 6 to 7:15 p.m. lecture, Monday

Where: Vail Christian High School, Edwards

Cost: $25, or $20 for Vail Symposium contributors

More information: Call 970-476-0954

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