Brewing up fun in Erie |

Brewing up fun in Erie

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Editors note: Brew Genius, a weekly feature, profiles some of the homebrewers competing at this years Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywine Festival, which takes place Jan. 8 through 10 at the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort & Spa. For more information on the event, visit or call High Point Brewing at 970-524-1092. ========Brief Stats:Name: Donna GeithmanHometown: ErieNo. of years homebrewing: 14Name of Homebrew Club: Keg Ran Out Club=========Vail Daily: Evolution of a brewer: From a style and/or technique standpoint, where did you start? Where are you now? Donna Geithman: I started with no idea what I was doing. Now, after working at a supply shop, I like to help people get going and know how to add flavor and depth to my own recipes though trial and error.VD: Do you brew alone or with others? Why? DG: I brew with my husband because we started together and it is more fun to do it together.VD: Where do you brew? How many beers do you have cellaring at any given time? DG: We brew outside in the summer and in our kitchen in the winter. We dont brew as often as we used to since we can get so many good commercial brews.VD: Do you brew enough to drink your own beer all year long? DG: We usually have at least one brew and many meads to choose from.VD: Whats your favorite commercially produced beer? DG: Saison Dupont.VD: Whats your ultimate beer/food pairing? DG: Porter or stout with a hot fudge sundae.VD: What are you entering in the Big Beers Homebrew Competition this January? DG: Buxom Belgian BlondeBelgian Golden. VD: Why is beer wonderful? DG: Mankind has had beer for a long time but it is still inspiring new styles.VD: What beer did you try for the first time recently that you liked, and why? DG: Old Man Ale at CB & Potts in Flat Irons Crossing. It was well balanced, not too hoppy or overtly sweet. Just enough alcohol to feel it, but not so much to burn my throat.

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