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Cocktail menu

We’ve gone from year of the cocktail to decade of the cocktail, and we’re just getting started. Following the trend closely, Terra Bistro has an inventive and thorough cocktail menu. “People are looking for a tasty innovative concoction that isn’t harsh, isn’t just strong alcohol flavor,” says Executive Chef and General Manager Kevin Nelson. Why cocktails? “It’s fun for everybody. It’s a social thing, and it’s variety. People want variety in their lives. Just the same beer or mixed drink every day isn’t enough.” Signature Terra quaffs include Matty’s Margarita, with agave nectar as the sweetener, and a ginger lemonade cocktail, with or without alcohol.

Though not a martini bar, all of the signature cocktails at Ray’s in Edwards just happen to be martinis. The espresso-tini, classic house and stingray are just a few of their bestsellers. “Good times, good people, good fun ” that’s what Ray’s is all about,” says General Manager Jeff Sandoval. The Tap Room in Vail doesn’t have just one signature drink. “We have really good martinis and margaritas, but the big one is Red Bull and vodka. We sell tons of it,” says Steve Kaufman, owner. The crew at Kelly Liken is so proud of their cocktails, they attached their names to particular creations. Topping the list are Kelly’s autumn pear cider (good year-round) and Rick’s pomegranate sparkler.

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