CU: We are No. 34!!! |

CU: We are No. 34!!!

Just when you think you can paint something in black or white, call it good or evil or right or left, along comes some facts to screw the whole preconceived notion thing right up.We just received a press release telling us that the University of Colorado-Boulder is ranked the 34th best public university in the country, according to US News & World Report. After all the negative press the university has received over the past year, this has got to be welcome news.Granted, “Were No. 34!” is not exactly a rallying cry, but it still aint bad considering how many public universities there are in the country. Weve got plenty of Boulder alums kicking around the Vail Valley, and we know if you ask them theyll tell you the same thing: Sure, you can drink your face off in Boulder and forget for weeks at a time why youre there. Or, you can decide to buckle down and take advantage of what can truly be a great academic institution with world-class teachers and facilities and a beautiful campus in a beautiful town.As Hank Brown struggles to get a hold of some of CUs more sordid side as the new president of the university, wed just like to offer this simple suggestion: Make sure every student has a mentor or alumni contact. The students who do poorly are the ones no ones watching. And while you cant police adults in college like you can high school students, you can make some kind of mentoring program mandatory. Sometimes, all it takes is an e-mail from someone saying “Hey, noticed youre flunking math, whats up?” to get someone to wake up and fly straight.Our biggest grip at Boulder was the feeling that no one gave a damn if we passed or failed, so long as we paid our tuition on time. Get students to feel a little more loved and maybe theyll start drinking by the glass instead of the keg.A.M.

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