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Customer service in the Vail Valley

Clair Smith
Vail CO, Colorado
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Time and time again, our humble valley has been complimented on its fine customer service. From the night concierge at the renowned Vail Cascade hotel to a waitress at the Blue Moose Restaurant, we aim to please. People enjoy coming here and they enjoy being made to feel as though they’re worth their money, and we enjoy showing people what a fantastic place our home really is.

Often times though, we go unappreciated. People come here to escape their regular lives. They come to enjoy the small-town feel, the fabulous views, the fine dining, lovely resorts, and above all, the winter recreation. We are here to serve them, and they take full advantage. Sometimes, it goes too far.

Many of our visitors don’t realize how far a little appreciation will go. Here, in the Vail Valley, most jobs pick up for “the season.” Through the winter months, we are swamped.

By default, employees in many different positions work long, grueling hours nights, holidays and weekends. In order to ensure that your Christmas vacation is pleasant, we will forgo spending time with our family and will often work overtime. We do this, because the fruitfulness of our business is based on our visitors. Thus, the income of every employee is dependent on the success of the business. We need every penny.

Living in the valley is not easy. Being middle-class here is an expensive goal, and many of us do not reach it. Those of us in the service industry can generally partition every paycheck out to bills and housing with little if anything to spare. With this in mind, it’s understandable that we sometimes get a little frustrated when our hard work goes unnoticed.

Anyone doing customer service in this valley has had an experience where they are trying their hardest and an irate customer gets upset because they’re not doing well enough. Each of us individually is expected to be personally responsible for a customer’s happiness, even if they don’t know what they want. We live in a pampered valley ” a valley where visitors have been known to call 911 because their rental condo is out of toilette paper. Yet, when something is requested of us that we cannot do, we still have to try and get it done and then take the fall for it later from our managers and bosses.

The point being ” we love to serve you, but take time when you’re visiting the happy valley or anyplace else to notice when someone is truly trying to help you. Realize when you are not communicating in a helpful way, or when your requests are a little extreme. They might seem like a given at a resort, but this resort is our home, and our paramedics still do not deliver toilette paper.

One of these days, on your vacation ” ask to see a manager, just to tell them how great someone’s service to you was, and realize that not only does it make the whole vacation process easier, but that you’ll feel better about yourself. Thank you, and have a great stay!

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