Minturn Bike Park now open for first full season in Eagle County |

Minturn Bike Park now open for first full season in Eagle County

Dirt jumpers take to the air in celebration of new amenity

Bikers await their chance to drop in at the Minturn Bike Park on Sunday. The bike park offers many different features and trails for all abilities.
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The Minturn Bike Park began its first full season of operation on Friday, marking a new era of availability for Eagle County dirt jumpers.

The park, which was completed and opened to the public in September, is the first in the county to offer large features in a slopestyle-course like offering.

Local skier Gavin Goike took to the track immediately, getting out on opening day and airing off the dirt jumps in a similar way he airs off a jump on his skis. The local park and pipe athlete said he’s glad to have the bike park in Minturn to keep his air awareness about him in the summer.

Goike, 14, was joined by kids 10 years younger than him on the park’s pump track, and 20 years older than him in other areas of the park.

The Vail Valley Mountain Trail Alliance identified the need for a dirt jump park which has features that will cater to the skills of mountain bikers of all ages, and broke ground on the park about a year ago.

Decades earlier, the town of Minturn had acquired the land, an 8-acre plot near the town’s Little Beach Park area on the Eagle River, and earmarked the land for a community park.

In May of 2019 the Town Council approved the bike park, partnering with the Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance to see it through. Both the town and the trails alliance contributed funding, and the alliance also hosted a fundraising campaign which received tens of thousands of dollars in small donations. Local companies including Zehren and Associates, Telluride Stone, Mountain Organic Landscaping, First Chair Designs, Vail Honeywagon, Active Energy Solar contributed work to the project.

First summer

Now attracting bikers of all ages to Minturn, Vail Valley Mountain Trail Alliance Executive Director Ernest Saeger said the park is meant for anyone and everyone to practice progressing their skills on a bike.

Several different park entry points greet riders, with a single-track line coming off the mountain into a pump track for those who want to improve their mountain biking technique. Numerous pump track-style courses are available for the youngest kids on pedal-less bikes.

For those who want to try the jumps, three different options greet riders at the top of the park, with a beginner line, an intermediate line and an expert line available.

“There’s expert-level, bigger jumps that are about 6-foot high, and there’s some jumps that are down to 4 feet high … and then there’s rollers,” Saeger said.

Andrew Allred, of Minturn, gets air on a jump feature Sunday at the Minturn Bike Park. The park opened for the season on Friday.
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Not yet complete

For those who don’t want to bike at all, or are taking a break, Minturn-based Gallegos Corporation constructed a 45-foot-by-75-foot stone paver patio area with picnic tables and trees.

The stone paver area, combined with permanent restrooms and some additional landscaping, will provide an unparalleled recreational draw to the region, Saeger said.

Those additional amenities, however, are for another time. The Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance has a final phase planned for the park, where permanent restrooms, landscaping, “and all the amenities that make this a park,” will be added, Saeger said.

The trails alliance is currently taking a passive approach to fundraising for that phase. There’s a donation button on the trail alliance website, but the hundreds of small donations it took to realize the park as is aren’t being solicited from park users.

Upon completion, though, Saeger said those park users will have something else to enjoy in a few new biking features.

“We’re hoping to include the first dual slalom course in Eagle County,” he said.

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