Frisco gas line ruptures |

Frisco gas line ruptures

Robert Allen
Summit County Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

FRISCO, Colorado ” A ruptured natural gas line in downtown Frisco on continues to seep this afternoon as crews work to shut it off.

Police evacuated about two blocks and set up barricades on Main Street and Second Avenue. No injuries were reported, according to Brandon Williams, spokesman for Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue.

After waiting more than an hour for the Xcel truck to arrive, a group of firefighters used Jaws of Life ” a tool for removing crash victims from their vehicles ” to clamp the line.

“We tried but weren’t able to get the gas completely shut off,” Williams said.

The Xcel truck soon arrived and capped the line; however, gas continues to escape.

Williams said the rate of flow was reduced to about 15 percent.

“Until we’re 100 percent sure it’s safe, we need to keep people out of the area for maybe another hour or two,” he said.

The break occurred at about 2:20 p.m. on Second Avenue, where a backhoe was digging a few feet into the ground. The pungent smell was detectable a few blocks away, but Williams said the escaping gas was rich and fairly difficult to ignite.

Folks may sense the sulfury, rotten-egg gas smell in their homes and businesses when they return. If so, they should crack the windows and doors to allow the gas to dissipate.

“Once the gas lines are shut off, the danger really stops,” he said.

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