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Haute Alpine Couture column: Paint the town red

Jennifer Geisman
VAIL CO, Colorado

As New Year’s resolutions make their way into the back of a Vail Honeywagon, the season of courtly love is on the prowl. Valentine’s Day is traditionally an occasion of expressing irresistible adoration with flowers (been there, done that), chocolates (uh, no thanks) and sugary-sweet greeting cards (yawn). The color palette of Valentine’s Day is symbolic as designers tap into our emotional roller coaster – pink indicates chivalrous fondness, yellow represents “I like you, but not enough” and white is usually a big hit when visiting your Grandma Ann in the nursing home. However, it is the color red that lights a fire under our fashionista behinds, as this feverish shade sparks a range of reactions – besotted passion, deep, unrequited love, insatiable desire and, yep, even a broken heart.

Pulling your day of hearts ensemble together at the 11th hour is a tsk tsk that even your frienemies wouldn’t wish upon you. A hot date deserves a fiery number and the 1920’s-inspired red BCBGeneration dress ($148, Kiwi Boutique) will bring out your inner Marilyn Monroe with its dramatic low back and flowing asymmetric hem. Sticking with the Hollywood diva concept, break up the red with a simple Skinny By Jessica Elliot neutral grey cocktail ring ($45, Kiwi Boutique). Known for adorning starlets including Rhianna, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Ginnifer Goodwin, Skinny By Jessica Elliot expresses sass and mischief with her bold designs and edgy girly-ness. But, if you’re unwavering from the red theme, a sparkly Paula Hidalgo hand-woven, red Swarovski crystal bracelet with adjustable tie ($80, Kiwi Boutique) adds an elegant touch as does the Boden Rose Clutch ($28, Rouge), which is covered in 3D silk roses, or add a simple, non-matronly flavor to your mountain motif with a red floral scarf ($48, Kiwi Boutique). Don’t forget the lingerie – whether your date gets lucky or not, you’ll feel foxy and flirtatious in a pair of Hanky Panky low-rise, lace undies with hearts ($23, Roxy).

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Sometimes being single on Valentine’s Day can be such a buzz kill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t knock ’em dead and wear your heart on your sleeve. Crank up Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (Red, October 2012) and witness your ex eating his heart out when you show up in the red-hot Amanda Uprichard Osburne Top ($144, Kiwi Boutique). We give this one a snarky seal of approval as the open-cap sleeved, boat neck style has a sexy, back keyhole. Pair this silky blouse with cute jeans and (if you dare) a pair of monster-high heels. If leggings and thigh-high boots are your couture cup of tea, set this combo up with a Wildfox Couture sweater ($198, Roxy) featuring a large, chic, heart that oozes femininity and an I’m-so-moving-on declaration. An American Vintage-inspired brand, the Wildfox Couture heart sweaters are sheer and come in red or blue. When you’re passed the angry, I-hate-you stage, try on a Peace Love World tee or sweatshirt ($72-$158, Roxy) with the words “I am love” written on it. The v-neck t-shirt is form fitting and will give you a tight squeeze whenever you need it. What comes around, goes around epitomizes the Peace Love World philosophy of spreading harmony, love and happiness – and all those feelings are in abundance during Valentine’s Day, especially when your ex-BF gets exactly what he deserves.

A quirky profession of love inspires smirks and guffaws from its recipients. Let the Dogeared Love collection necklaces ($48-$64, Roxy) tug at your heartstrings. These jewels may not be red, but they scream Valentine’s Day as each necklace comes with a tongue-and-cheek card featuring playful messages. A few favs include “You make my heart do a two-step” (necklace with cowboy boot), “You put a spell on me” (necklace with skull), “Tied and true” (necklace with bow) and “Owl love you forever!” (necklace with owl).

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The matchy-matchy cheerleading days may seem too syrupy every other day during the year, but not on February 14. Be girly and spend the evening with your BFF in grey and pink striped or polka-dotted PJ Salvage jammies ($42-$52, Roxy). Those and a classic John Hughes flick will put the icing on your Valentine’s Day cake. You don’t need pom-poms to add a spring in your step – put your cheer face on and don a pair of red-dot Tom’s shoes ($54, Roxy) – you’ll feel great about the Tom’s “one for one” mission and they’ll look super-cute with your new skinny jeans.

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