Jewelry designer Paola Ferro at Squash Blossom |

Jewelry designer Paola Ferro at Squash Blossom

Special to the DailyThe Squash Blossom in Vail Village hosts Italian jewelry designer Paola Ferro Saturday and Sunday. The artist will be at the store on Gore Creek to answer questions about her work. Ferro's jewelry reflects the affinity she and her husband, Piero, share for Asian art. Her designs are reminiscent of ancient cultures and civilizations, and are also inspired by the treks Paola and Piero have made together through Yeme, Pakistan, India, Indonesia and China. Paola arranges the elements of color and texture in her jewelry to communicate a balance of yin and yang. For more information about the artist's visit, call Squash Blossom at (970) 476-3129.

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