Knapp Ranch: Stunning property with a story to match its beauty

A moose strolls through a meadow at the Knapp Ranch on Lake Creek.Both people and wildlife are drawn to the more open feel of the Lake Creek area.
Pam Boyd | Daily archive photo

LAKE CREEK — The Knapp Ranch is a stunning property with a remarkable story to share.

Bud Knapp has done that sharing with publication of “Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks,” a large-format coffee table book that tells the story of Knapp Ranch, a leader in sustainable farming, craftsmanship and Western living. Along with contributors Sarah Chase Shaw and Todd Winslow Pierce, Knapp has shared his vision for the property.

“Living here, we developed a deep appreciation for Mother Nature,” Bud Knapp said. “As we built a life here at Knapp Ranch, we became much more aware of our surroundings and how the climate was changing. We wanted to turn our appreciation for Mother Nature into action.”

Earlier this month, the Knapps hosted a special tour of the ranch — from their fruit orchard and beekeeping operation to their 1-acre farm that provides greens for local restaurants to the guest cabin and main lodge properties that feature breathtaking craftsmanship and details.

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