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Letters: What’s up with dirt near Costco?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Support kids’ theater

Registration for two kids: $1,300; Peanut butter sandwiches/fruit lunches: 32; Gas per gallon for transportation: $3.25 (Vail Valley. Cheaper most everywhere else ” why is that?); Road construction: Pretty much everywhere!

Our kids arriving home smiling after four weeks of rehearsals, three fantastic Vilar performances, a closing night cast party and still eager to read the signed shirt messages from their peers from the show: Priceless.

There were two 8-year-old girls sitting next to us at the last performances singing the final songs, word for word, both “dying” to meet each of the actors.

Future actors themselves, in the Vail Performing Arts Academy?

What a wonderful privilege it is to have the talented staff of the Vail Performing Arts Academy in the Vail Valley to teach, guide, enlighten and encourage our children, to help create a love of the arts and to bring out many gifts of talent and confidence for each one of these kids on some level. There were more than 80 students enrolled for “High School Musical”.

This is one of those special organizations with a small, dedicated and extremely talented staff who continue to need the sponsored support of this community. Come out next time to see a show.

I guarantee you will love it and feel the pride and power from every one of these kids who are out on that stage.

Let’s keep these professionals teaching our children. Let them know they make a difference. Our hat goes off to the following: Annah Scully, Colin Meiring, Rebecca Rehorst, Maria Barry, Deb and Larry Dutmer, Janet Huntoon, Danny Starr, Cindy Allard, Colin Casanova, Ed Billeand and Ian Dunlieve.

Doreen Somers and Jan Idzikowski

Dirt clouds

I was at the Costco gas pumps today at 9 a.m. when American Airlines flight 2306 departed from the east end of the runway. I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes.

The jet wash from the plane’s engines raised a huge boiling brown cloud of dirt 300 feet high. It appeared as though a 500-pound bomb had gone off! The cloud drifted over the Costco parking lot and impaired the visibility of the next incoming flight.

Two hours later when I returned to Wolcott there was a haze in the air.

My question is, why isn’t dust control being practiced at Eagle Count Airport?

Isn’t the county subject to their own regulations?

I realize that the runway extension is still under construction, but there’s no excuse for not stabilizing the dirt at the end of the runway. Magnesium and calcium chloride solutions are often used and are economical to apply.

Don, I suggest you send an investigative reporter to the Costco parking lot at 9 a.m. tomorrow, take a picture of this fiasco as the AA flight departs, and then interview everyone from the Costco gas station attendant to the airport/project manager, the county environmental department, and control tower personnel, to find out why this insult to the environment is occurring and what’s being done about it. Could be a front-page story!

Dave Mott


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