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’Mission Mt. Mangart’ creators unveil classic film poster featuring 10th Mountain Division

“Mission Mt. Mangart,” created by local Chris Anthony over the course of more than six years, tells the legendary story of the famed 10th Mountain Division. (Chris Anthony Youth Project
Special to the Daily)

The official film poster has been released for “Mission Mt. Mangart,” a documentary about the 10th Mountain Division produced by the local Chris Anthony Youth Project nonprofit.

“There have been hundreds of thousands of steps over the last 6.5 years in researching, developing, writing and finally editing this educational documentary about the famed 10th Mountain Division. And each step came with its own special reward,” says Chris Anthony, a Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame inductee, world extreme skiing champion and executive producer, among other things. “This film poster represents what I envisioned it to be when I thought ’it needs to have a classic 1940s Hollywood illustration.’ I put this out into the world and a wonderful artist by the name of Scorpio Steele understood what I was looking for and designed it. May I present to you, what I feel will be a collectible; the poster for my film produced under the Chris Anthony Youth Project: ’Mission Mt. Mangart.’”

While the battle scenes have been left off the poster but are very much a part of the film, among other history details, the poster features key figures of the 10th Mountain Division — the specially formed mountain forces who helped secure victory in World War II. Three of the key players represented on the cover include head shots of Deborah Bankart; Minnie Dole; and the father of the 10th Mountain Division and former general, George P. Hays. It also features a classic image of the 10th Mountain soldier, donning the white uniform, skis and a rifle. Mt. Mangart, a key battleground during World War II and also the site of a unified ski race at the end of the war, is also featured on the cover.

Jumping off the cliff with a rifle on his back is Pete Seibert, a 10th Mountain Division veteran who helped found Vail Mountain.

“Before they were soldiers … they were skiers, mountain men, and athletes,” the poster reads.

World War II 10th Mountain Division Veteran Lieutenant James Anderson is also featured, as well as Anthony.

“Please take note of the credits as well as all of the detail of this unique work of art,” Anthony says about the film’s poster.

“Mission Mt. Mangart” was produced as an educational documentary by the Chris Anthony Youth Project, with screenings of the film to benefit Anthony’s nonprofit mission of improving quality of life through introducing youth to educational enrichment opportunities.

Contact Anthony at Chris@ChrisAnthony.com or visit http://www.chrisanthony.com to donate, set up a private screening or for more information. Private screenings are available now, with larger screenings coming at museums, ski clubs and other locations later in 2021.

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