Obituary: Mark Swets, June 1956 — Dec. 2019 |

Obituary: Mark Swets, June 1956 — Dec. 2019

Mark Swets — aka “Ginger” — passed away peacefully December 4 in hospital surrounded by family in his home state of Indiana. Mark moved to Vail in 1989. He worked at numerous restaurants including Cookshack, La Tour, Left Bank, Montauk, Bart & Yeti’s, La Bottega to name a few. Mark worked at the Ford Amphitheater east end bar for years.

Ginger will best be remembered for making people laugh with his dry, sharp wit. He was a unique Vail character and will be remembered by many.

Eagle Valley

Elk herd finds a winter home at Eagle Ranch

January 22, 2020

For downvalley humans, it’s pretty cool when elk decide to hunker down around Eagle for the winter. For the elk, it’s more of a lesser-of-two-evils situation.

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