Slagle Survey Services: New business but not a newcomer to the Eagle River Valley |

Slagle Survey Services: New business but not a newcomer to the Eagle River Valley

Matt Slagle
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Slagle Survey Services

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EAGLE — Slagle Surveying Services is one of the valley’s new businesses, but proprietor Matt Slagle is hardly a newcomer to Eagle County.

“This has been my 30th summer surveying in the Eagle River Valley,” Slagle said. He can recall working late to stake the new Eagle County building in downtown Eagle while his buddies passed by on their way to softball games at Eagle Town Park. Slagle also staked the first house at The Terrace, a field where only gophers resided.

“I surveyed Eagle Ranch when it actually was home to moo cows,” he said. “We accessed with snowmobiles and four-wheelers back then, and at that time, there was no commercial (property) north of the Interstate 70 interchange.”

In launching his own business this year, Slagle offers an array of services.

“I offer the valley a complete surveying resource for platting, condominium mapping, boundary surveying, topographic surveys and improvement location certificates along with all aspects of construction layout,” he said.

Slagle started his survey career in the U.S. Army as a field artillery surveyor. Since 2001, he has been a Colorado licensed professional land surveyor, and in 2009, he was certified with special training as a federal surveyor.

“I also worked assisting in the development of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS, which includes GPS) in 2014,” Slagle said. “I learned more than I contributed on that one.”

Service with history

“I want to provide my clients with personal, proficient and professional survey services and keep getting older while living here in the Happy Valley,” Slagle said.

Under the heading of “personal” services, Slagle’s history in Eagle County means he has heard lots of great stories and, in turn, has lots of his own tales to share.

“Probably my fondest memory was working on the Fenno Ranch, after we built Cordillera Way and revised the location of Squaw Creek Road to its now lower position,” he said. He recalled great conversations with Louie and John Fenno while on that job.

“Bearcat Bearden was always close by in his old pickup, dashboard cluttered and Levi Garrett on his chin,” Slagle said. “Another distraction working up there then was the elk. I remember working late one evening laying out the location for fairway 12 and going off the clock to investigate all the bugling going on.”

‘You’ve got it made’

Slagle said this valley’s history and lifestyle has kept him in Eagle County, and ultimately, his desire to remain here prompted him to start his own business.

“It’s harder to make a living up here, but for me, it’s worth all the effort,” Slagle said. “I have a buddy, with the same educational background as mine, in the surveying field. He has chosen to make his way living in Omaha and in cities along Colorado’s Front Range. He easily has made half again more than I have over the years, but when he comes to visit, he will say things like, ‘You’ve got it made up here, Matt.’

“It’s the lifestyle that has made me start this business, rather than taking a well-paid position offered in the lower elevations,” Slagle concluded.

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