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Teens in crowd to see Sarah Palin in Grand Junction

Marija B. Vader
Grand Junction Correspondent
Grand Junction, CO Colorado
Marija B. Vader/Grand Junction Free PressNicole Zupan, Kelsi Barnett, Savannah Hanson and McKenna Yeager got excused absences from their parents from Redlands Middle School to attend Monday's Sarah Palin campaign stop in Grand Junction. These girls were first in line, arriving at 5 a.m. at Suplizio Field.

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado ” The parents of four 13-year-old girls gave them excused absences to attend the Republican Party’s Straight-Talk Express campaign rally in Grand Junction, Colorado on Monday.

Nicole Zupan, Kelsi Barnett, Savannah Hanson, and McKenna Yeager got a civics lesson first-hand when they arrived at 5 a.m. and found they were first in line. So they huddled beneath their sleeping bags and blankets and sipped hot coffee to stay warm.

The girls looked forward to being in the same place as vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the centerpiece of Monday’s event.

“She’s inspirational in my life,” said Yeager. “She stands for the right things.”

Like what?

“Just anything,” she said. For example: “I love her and McCain’s plan for Iraq.”

But still, “I got up at 3 and it sucked,” she said.

Hanson attended to help gather information and excitement to parlay that to older voters who are yet undecided. She’s independent, leaning to Barack Obama, the Democratic choice for president.

Zupan said she’s not pro-Republican or pro-Democrat but looked forward to hearing Palin’s views.

Later in the morning, the girls’ classmates Dylan Weber and Brody King showed up and joined the girls in line.

Janice Harshman and Nancy Yeckley’s favorite campaign buttons read, “Hot Chicks Vote Republican” and “Read my Lipstick.” These two Mesa County hot chicks bought the buttons at the Sarah Palin-fest outside the gates Monday afternoon, before security guards let in the hundreds of people waiting in line.

Speaking in her British accent, naturalized American Carole Scott was excited to show support for Palin. She was there with Jan Jackson.

“This is one of the most important elections I’ve seen,” she said. “Obama is really dangerous for this country,” for lying to people.

“Everything John McCain has is on the table. He’s an open book,” Scott said.

Stephanie Johnston attended the event with a cutout of John McCain. She supports the Republican ticket because she opposes socialized medicine, she said.

Johnston also opposes Obama’s “take from the rich and give to the poor” redistribution of wealth. “It’s like communism.”

A woman standing near Johnston who did not want her name in the newspaper said it baffled her why, after 30 years, “we’re still arguing about a mother’s right to kill a baby.”

Monica Million said Palin is the “only candidate I can relate with. She’s a conservative, in her 40s and a working woman.” Also, she’s a Washington outsider.

Sue Addams’ brother-in-law works for Palin in Alaska, where Palin is governor.

“She’d be great in Washington,” Addams said, who lived in Alaska.

“Alaska is not for the faint of heart,” Addams said. “It’s survival of the fittest.”

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