Tribal funk and the hip hop craza |

Tribal funk and the hip hop craza

Brian Ross

nFriday- The Bridge starts the week off strong with DJ Harry. He will be spinning his revolutionary style of funky tribal house. It’s always worth packing the place when Harry is on the decks. At Sanctuary their traditional weekend fare keeps them coming back for more: Mike McGoun spinning for the dance floor, and for good house and lounge music just walk downstairs. Right by the bar are Jason and Tyler, Delta 9, and they can and will throw it down. If you’re looking for more hip-hop and a little punk to enliven your night, DJ Late Night is your man at the Platzl. He will play some things you recognize, plenty you won’t, but it is all good to hear.

nSaturday- The Bridge changes it up to the hip-hop scene with Steve Stone and Z-28 on the wheels of steel. They enjoy the underground style, but aren’t ashamed to play the tracks you know and love. Sanctuary keeps the same vibe flowing from the night before.

nSunday- It’s Service Industry Night at Sanctuary. Chris Smith comes in to lay down the house tracks, while drink specials abound. You can also experience the local’s scene lo-fi style at the Bridge with Sunday Night Solutions. DJ .Com lays down the dub tracks with live instruments, percussion and vocals on top. It is a true audio experience.

nMonday- you can go with this or you can go with that, you can go with this cause that’s where it’s at… Down valley at Agave, Groove is hosted by DJ Gibby. It’ll be a night of house, breaks and more. At 8150 it’s Open Turntable Night to prove your worth.

nTuesday- Some big-time talent holds center stage at 8150 with Robert Walter’s 20th Congress. This quartet centers on Robert Walter, who leads his players through many boogaloo favorites. Ever since Robert hooked up with other huge talents like Karl Denson, Zak Najor, Elgin Park, and Chris Stillwell as the acid-jazz innovators the Greyboy Allstars, he has become known as one of America’s finest jazz-funk keyboardists. This is always a show to bounce the floor.

Wednesday- 8150 begins the evening with the Warren Miller Film “Waiting For The Snow to Fall.” This film follows Colorado jam band The String Cheese Incident with live footage and more. After the film the DJs, drummer and vocalist from Sound Tribe Sector 9 hit the stage to spin a combination of down tempo, drum and bass, hip hop, and garage with live beats, freestyle rhyme and spoken word over top. .

All these great choices, and I’ll be at home, extending that recovery period a little too far. You all enjoy yourselves, and raise one for me.

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