Vail, Beaver Creek share off-season recreation rules |

Vail, Beaver Creek share off-season recreation rules

A skin track is well packed on Riva Ridge by a steady stream of uphill traffic.
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EAGLE COUNTY — With the official ski season now complete, Vail and Beaver Creek mountain operational teams remain active with end-of-winter procedures and summer preparation. Since Vail and Beaver Creek are operated under special use permits from the U.S. Forest Service, there are restrictions in place and recommendations for those looking to enjoy the public lands.

Operational activities including and not limited to snow clearing, heavy machinery use or construction projects may be in progress throughout the resorts; current operational restrictions and recommended travel routes can be obtained by calling the Trails Hotline at 970-754-3049 for Vail and 970-754-5907 for Beaver Creek.

The Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District also reminds uphill enthusiasts that during the winter operating season at Vail and Beaver Creek additional rules apply.

After the resorts close the public is encouraged to follow these rules when recreating on the mountain:

• Call the respective resort Trails Hotline.

• Wear clothing with reflective materials.

• Ensure you are visible from above.

• Keep to the side of the trail.

• Carry a light.

• Avoid all areas where machines are operating.

• Keep dogs on a leash.

• Remember that ski area services and medical care are not available.

• Backcountry travelers are strongly encouraged to visit the Colorado Avalanche Information Center at www.Avalanche.State.CO.US for current snowpack information.

Prohibited snow recreation at Vail and Beaver Creek includes but is not limited to:

• Fat tire snow bikes.

• Mountain bikes.

• Snow skates.

• Ski trikes.

• Sleds, disks and toboggans.

• Power-driven mobility devices.

For safety reasons, recreational drone use, small unmanned air vehicle or remote-controlled air vehicle use by any guest or member of the public, for any reason, is not permitted on or over any of the resort property.

For information about the White River National Forest, go to or call the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District, 970-827-5715.

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