Vail Daily letter: Irked by column |

Vail Daily letter: Irked by column

Marc Bolduc
Vail, CO, Colorado

“Annoyances in Happy Valley”: I am not sure what this commentary is about. Things that annoy you or how annoying this article was. Particularly the part about golf.

The golf course is not sacred ground unless you are talking St. Andrews or Augusta National.

The game, however, is sacred to me.

But what is more annoying is people like Greg Ziccardi out on the golf course thinking that just because you made a tee time, the course is yours. Or that you do not tolerate bad language or bad behavior.

I think that if you did a little research you would find that even the great Bobby Jones used bad language and was even banned from USGA tournaments until he could learn to control his temper.

This is the hardest game ever invented, and it takes years to master. And that includes patience.

Next time you are out and you find yourself with a person who tries to help you with your swing, try being a man about it and tell him to leave your game alone.

I think you will find he will do just that. Honesty is the best policy, no matter how brutal it can be


As far as socializing on the golf course, well that is part of the game, as well.

I have had some of my most enjoyable times golfing with singles.

Talking about what we do for a living is just a way of socializing, especially when you love what you do for a living. You learn about different people and different things.

If all these things annoy you so much, I suggest you and your two buddies move away from this valley, buy some land, build a course, and then you won’t have to worry about when to speak or what to say to


This is a great place to live, and the people are unmatched when it comes to friendly banter.

I just hope I never find myself pairing up with you and your buddies. I think it would be a very dry time playing the greatest game ever.

Marc Bolduc

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